Premedical Course





Medical studies take six years (ten semesters + 1 year internship). For foreign students the language of instruction is English. However, foreign students are required to learn Hungarian in order to be able to communicate with patients from the third year on. Students who are fluent in Hungarian may join the Hungarian Program of the Medical School.

During the first two years the curriculum focuses on theoretical aspects of medicine that lay the foundation for subsequent medical subjects.

1st and 2nd year
Subjects Credit Hours
Biophysics 105
Medical Chemistry 151
First Aid and Reanimation 21
Medical Psychology 20
Hungarian Language 120
Anatomy, Histology, Embriology 296
Molecular Biology 71
Cell Biology 75
Biochemistry 176
Physiology 211
Neurobiology 128

In the 3rd year, disciplines exploring the theoretical foundations of diseases, as well as the preliminaries of internal medicine and surgery are taught.

3rd and 4th year
Subjects Credit Hours
Patholgy 165
Immunology 60
Clinical Biochemistry 118
Microbiology 110
Prop. Internal Medicine 60
Basic Surgical Techniques 40
Medical Psychology 30
Basic Oncology 13
Medical Hungarian Language 60
Internal Medicine (Immunology, Rheumatology) 45
Prop. Of Surgery 45
Clinical Physiology 47

In the 4th and 5th years training in pharmacology begins and the study of clinical subjects continues.

4th and 5th year
Subjects Credit Hours
Pharmacology 119
Internal Medicine (Cardiology) 49
Preventive Medicine 171
Orthopedics 35
Radiology 21
Surgery 63
Obstetrics and Gynecology 63
Traumatology 35
Bioethics 14
Stomatology 33
Clinical Genetics 21
Internal Medicine (Endocrinology, Nephrology) 49
Urology 35
Pulmonology 42
Radiology and Nuclear Medicine 42
Internal Medicine (Gastroenterology, Metabolism) 98
Dermatology 55
Oxyology 42
Pediatrics 91
Neurology 70
Psychiatry 77
Forensic Medicine 56
Family Medicine 10
Otolaryngology 35
Ophthalmology 35
Intensive Anesthesiology 33
Infectology 35
Clinical Oncology 21

During the 6th and final year students take their final examinations in internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, neurology, psychiatry and pediatrics.

6th Year
Internal Medicine 10 Weeks
Pedicatrics 7 Weeks
Surgery 5 Weeks
Obstetrisc and Gynecology 5 Weeks
Neurology 4 Weeks
Psychiatry 4 Weeks
Preparatory Period for the State Examination 1 Month

Each final exam is preceded by a two or three month internship period. Students in the final year are required to submit a thesis. The last academic year is concluded with a comprehensive final state examination in which the future medical doctors must demonstrate their competence in the most important practical and theoretical aspects of general medicine. Students having passed all examinations and having successfully defended their theses are granted an M.D. degree.

Required elective courses form a part of the undergraduate training in general medicine. These are, in the Clinical Sciences, based on clinical reality, and practical issues and aspects of direct patient care e.g., patient management, therapeutics and diagnostics. For the Theoretical Sciences these electives are based on aspects of basic research, social sciences, economic and legal sciences.

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