About Us

Who We Are?

Diamond Medical Education Agency (DMEA) is a group of professionals that assist and guide students on the right track to becoming fully accredited physicians. Knowing the challenges that students may go through, we are here to guide students seeking a Medical, Dental or Pharmacy degree through every step of the way.

Please find out why you should choose the University of Debrecen Medical School as the best place for your education:
1. International Recognition
2. High School Graduation is Enough for Application (i.e.: Current G12 Students can apply)
3. No University Degree requirement
4. No MCAT exam requirement
5. The courses are completely taught in English
6. The low cost and affordability of the course compared to Canadian medical institutions.
7. Canadian Student Loan Support Guaranteed i.e. OSAP for Ontario, SAAP for Alberta, etc.
8. Kaplan USMLE Step 1 Preparatory Course Available on Campus
9. Medical Doctor (M.D.) degree after 6 years of study
10. Doctor of Medical Dentistry (D.M.D.) degree after 5 years of study
11. Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) degree after 5 years of study
12. Advanced research opportunities are available in a variety of medical related fields to our students.

Mission Statement

The career of medicine is a prestigious one, full of challenges, great job satisfaction and infinite rewards. The limited seats available in Canada, the yearly increasing competition and rising expenses of the medical programs create a serious challenge to a large number of talented students. Diamond Medical Education Agency solves these problems and provides such students an exceptional chance to follow their dreams and achieve their goals as well.
University of Debrecen has chosen Diamond Medical Education Agency as the agency for admissions in Canada. Together, we offer students the route to successful completion of their medical education and outstanding scores on licensing examination(s). Our supreme objective is to have our graduates return to Canada as world-class physicians.
Diamond Medical Education Agency and the University of Debrecen wish you a very prosperous future full of success..

Our Services

■ Over 10 years of experience.
■ Individual attention.
■ Pre-processing of the application.
■ Arrangement of the entrance exam/interview in Toronto.
■ Admission in the Basic Medical/General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy courses based on the educational committee’s decision.
■ Providing the student with a letter of acceptance and other documents required for obtaining a student visa.
■ Visa, travel and housing assistance for the student (and parents, if needed)
■ Meeting the student at the airport in Budapest.
■ Arranging the rental of a suitable furnished apartment in Debrecen.
■ Registration assistance.
■ Orientation of the city and campus.
■ Arrangements of the temporary and permanent student ID.
■ Arrangement of the Medical check-up (required by the Hungarian Immigration office).
■ Arrangement of the Hepatitis B vaccination (mandatory before starting Anatomy and Pathology).
■ Miscellaneous (transit pass, bank account, etc.)
■ Vital guidance for obtaining Clinical Training (Residency) in Canada.


  • Address: 5800 Ambler Dr., #210
    Mississauga ON
    L4W 4J4
  • Email: info@dmea.ca
  • Website: www.dmea.ca
  • Telephone: +1-647-996-5050